When I bought my best blow up mattress, I treasured it. I didn’t want to lose it as fast as I did my foam mattress. Because of this, I chose to find the best care tips before I even got down to using it.

Today, it is close to 6 years and my blow-up mattress still looks as good as new. I know there are people out there who are facing the same challenge. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. In this post, I will share the best care tips for a blow-up mattress.

Clean the Mattress

The very first thing that you should do is to clean your air mattress. Cleaning blows up mattresses will help you to keep stains, dust, and dirt away. It will also keep odors away and leave you with a healthy space to lie on.

To clean your air mattress, you can use mild soapy detergent and a microfiber rag. However, you must make sure that before you clean the mattress, you inflate it fully. Inflating it to full capacity will enable you to easily access the nooks and crannies of the mattress.

Protect From Sharp Objects

Sharp objects including broken bottles, debris, stones, and pins shouldn’t be anywhere near the mattress. These objects can easily prick the mattress and leave it with air leaks. This care tip is especially helpful if you are using your blow-up mattress for camping.

Store Only When Dry

Whether you have cleaned the mattress or used it in a moist area, it is important to store it when dry. If you don’t, your blow-up mattress will give a bad smell. It will develop mold and might feel damp when you next use it.

Drying your mattress is a very vital care tip. It will not only leave it looking smart, but it also adds to its lifespan.

Keep Pets Ways

The pets we keep at homes such as cats and dogs have very sharp paws. Sharp paws and blow up mattresses don’t go together. They will tear through cheap blow-up mattress and cause huge damages. Make sure that you keep the mattress away.

Proper Storage

Blow up mattresses come with ideal storage bags. The bag helps you to store and transport the mattress too. It is the safest place that you’d want to keep your mattress in case you don’t want it damaged.

Follow the User Manual

Finally, I suggest following your user manual. With proper use, the mattress will last longer. Proper use includes watching how you wrap your blow-up mattress. It also means that you have to watch out for the weight capacity.

The cheap blow-up mattress will also use the same care tips that I have highlighted here. With proper care, any type of blow-up mattress will survive for long. You won’t have to worry about fixing leakages or even patching up punctures.

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