There are different kinds of nova wheelchairs. While all nova wheelchairs are excellent transport wheelchairs, their performance slightly differs. Some have unique features, which gives them an upper hand when it comes to performance.

If you are new to shopping wheelchairs, you might find this to be confusing, but here is the truth:

Maneuvrability is Vital

Since these categories of wheelchairs are best for transportation, you should be able to maneuver them easily, even in small spaces. That doesn’t necessarily mean they should be small but should offer smooth transportation.

Weight Affects Movement

Transport wheelchairs should be lightweight. That is true. But does weight affect the quality of the building?  That depends on the quality of the material. The best nova transport wheelchair has a sturdy built. It features a lightweight frame, which makes it easy to lift, load, or offload the while traveling.

Again, how easy you can maneuver a wheelchair depends on its weight. Those that are light in weight are easier to maneuver while those that are heavier are somewhat difficult. Thanks to the aluminum alloy or steel frame, these wheelchairs are lightweight.

Keep in mind that the overall weight of a wheelchair determines the maximum weight it can carry. Before purchasing one, consider your weight first.

Wheels Size Determines the Smoothness of a Ride

You’ll use your wheelchair on different terrains. You’ll realize that your wheelchair may not perform well in certain types of terrains, as compared to others. If you chose the right wheel system, then it may work in all terrains.

What does it mean to you? Be keen on tire sizes. On average, a high performing nova wheelchair has a rear-wheel diameter of 12 inches while the front wheel diameter sands and 8. Such a combination makes the wheelchairs perfect all kinds of terrains.

Comfort will Make the Ride Smoother

Sitting on an uncomfortable wheelchair can make your journey hectic. That is why you need something that offers comfortable seating. Footrests, armrests, and a well-padded seat are primary to a wheelchair.

But additional features like reclining backrest, and adjusting the armrest and footrest can make it even more comfortable. Still consider the seatbelt. Nova transport wheelchairs come with adjustable seatbelts.

Final Verdict

A wheelchair should be very comfortable because it is where you’ll spend most of your time. Again, because it helps you to move around, it should be comfortable and roll smoothly, even in smaller spaces. Do not forget getting a long-lasting chair.

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