Having a basic concept of SEO is essential. Basic knowledge cannot bring visitors to your site. But, developing and executing a sound SEO strategy will bring visitors. Any reliable SEO service company understands that this process is more than creating content based on the keyword. It is a process that requires the application of both on-page and off-page strategies in addition to technical SEO.

Businesses are different; not all companies optimize their websites using the same method. Still, not all SEO have the same optimization process. It depends on the audience.

The SEO Process

The SEO company you hire should meticulously carry out the process to ensure excellent results. It involves:

  • Make a list of topics: While keywords are a hallmark of SEO, they should not be your first step to organic growth. Rather, you should make a list of topics associated with the products you intend to sell. Make a list of about ten words and terms related to the service or product you offer. Then determine their search volume using appropriate tools, e.g., Keyword Tool, and come up with variations.
  • Create a list of long-tail keywords as per selected topics: use the keyword tool to identify long-tail keywords with a deeper relationship with the original keyword. Such will attract people of varied interests.
  • Build pages for each topic: for each keyword you selected in the first step, you can create a webpage for each one of them. The keyword list determines the number of pillar pages to develop.
  • Set up a blog: blogging is the best way to rank for keywords as well as engage with users. A blog can be an excellent avenue to elaborate on each of your subtopics, and start showing up on Google. Do not use the long-tail keyword more than three times, link up to the pillar page you created, and finally, link it into it from a pillar page that supports that subtopic.
  • Develop content every week: this improves the authority of the page. Write about topics that your customers are interested in. This makes Google pay more attention to your domain
  • Create a link-building plan: this is part of off-page SEO, and tremendously affect how Google ranks your pages. Essentially, it is a process of attracting inbound links to your website from other sources on the web. If this link is from a high authority page, then it will positively affect your site.
  • Compress all media: media retains visitors on your site. However, when it is large, it affects the loading speed. Small-sized files are more comfortable to load, which makes your website rank higher.
  • Stay current on SEO news and practices: search engine optimization strategies are evolving. Keep abreast of such strategies. This way, your business can remain on the first page of a search engine. You can use tools like SEOmoz, Search Engine Roundtable, SEOBook, etc.
  • Measure and track your content’s success: you can track different metrics on your website daily, weekly, or monthly. You can track both organic rank and an overall ranking of your site under the long tail keyword.

The above process can only be executed correctly by an experienced SEO Company. So be keen while hiring one.

Search engine optimizers work hard to ensure that your website shows up higher on search engines and gains more traffic. Essentially, these are people who are highly experienced and specialized in helping businesses discover opportunities via search engines. These guys are highly specialized in the following areas: On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO.


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